No Smell Technology

No Smell Bags are unlike any other bag on the market.


You may (rightfully) ask how we can make these claims, and wonder what sets No Smell Bags apart from their plastic bag imitators?

Combining fashion and functionality, our designer bags are aesthetically pleasing while remaining invisible to the nose.

Besides being hand-crafted, durable, and reusable, No Smell Bags feature "No Smell Technology". The No Smell approach utilizes unique design features, and incorporates a special patented activated-charcoal material into each bag, delivering unrivaled smell-proof performance. This state-of-the-art material is currently used in the British Military's chemical warfare suits, and is battle-proven, so you know it is effective. No other bag can boast such credentials. Why use ineffective plastic bag imitators now that there is No Smell?


Our designer bags are AMERICAN MADE and built to last. Featuring No Smell Technology, stitched by hand, and assembled from several different exotic materials encompassed in a polyester fabric shell, No Smell Bags are held to the highest standards of performance and design.   


The lifespan of each No Smell Bag is directly correlated to how often it is used. On average, a bag that is used every day, with intense wear & tear, will last a little more than two years. For occasional users (e.g. only used when traveling), the bag can last far longer.

Cannalock bags are not intended for long-term storage. This means you should not keep anything inside of the bag for prolonged periods of time ("24/7"). Because the patented activated-charcoal continuously absorbs odor molecules given off by your stored items, the charcoal becomes saturated and loses its effectiveness over time. If you would like to prolong the life of your bag, only keep your smelly items in the Cannalock Bag when necessary.



No Smell Technology